About the mandate revocation consultation in Mexico in 2022.

By César Morones.

What happened yesterday, Sunday April 10, 2022 in Mexico in the citizens' consultation is a social phenomenon that frames a historical event, which was born in the year 2000 with the victory of Andrés Manuel López Obrador as Head of Government of Mexico City and which was strengthened in 2005 with the removal of immunity.

It came to maturity in the post-electoral stage of 2006, marked by the fraud committed by the then IFE, President Fox, candidate Calderón and by the then TRIFE and quantum documented by the IMO.

In that stage there were four rallies in Mexico City's Constitution Square Zocalo, all of them led by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, current president of Mexico, two of them had a participation of one million people each. One of two million demonstrators and the remaining one of three million people.

The latter was a tumult from the Zócalo to the National Museum of Anthropology in Paseo de la Reforma, Chapultepec forest.

It is unimaginable where 15 million people who participated in the polls yesterday could fit, if they congregated at a specific point.

Fifteen million Mexicans voted yesterday in favor of López Obrador's continuity as President of Mexico and a little more than one million voted against his continuity as of today.

This means that for every 100 voters, 91 voted in favor, 7 voted against and 2 cancelled their ballot.

If it is a historical fact in Mexico, it is also a world event, because Mexico belongs to the nations that have electoral democracy. Democracy is in Greek and means "the power of the people", and this is what happened just yesterday.

It is not easy to find an example like this, in another nation beyond the current Mexico.

What happened yesterday was not an exercise organized by the President, nor by his Morena political party. It was an organization of the Mexican electoral arbiter, the INE.

It is true that those who do not want Lopez Obrador to continue in power, point to the "low" turnout at the polls, which was 18% of the nominal electoral list, however, if public affairs are as badly managed by the current federal government as they say, they had the same opportunity and probability to go to the polls as those who are in his favor.

If so, yesterday's result should have been 53% in favor of AMLO and 47% against him, if the numbers of the most recent 2018 presidential election were repeated and not, 91% versus 9%.

Right after that 2018 result, there were voices coming from the PAN and some from the PRI and PRD, who said that the first step that should be taken to revert it, was to retake the path of humility and not to follow the path of arrogance.

Today those voices should be heard by those who want to change the current regime, because if they do not do so, almost half of Mexico will demand it.

The historical lesson is that social processes cannot be stopped artificially, as was the case in 2006.

If these social phenomena are stopped in this way, the only thing that is achieved is the postponement of the resurgence of the voice and actions of the population, with even more added strength.

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